In this special episode of “If Walls Could Talk,” Group Publisher Jill Bloom speaks with Matt DiBara of The Contractor Consultants about the importance of selecting new employees. Here, he outlines three unique tips that will help determine that important decision. DiBara comes from a line of four generations in contracting.

To all the contractors listening what are the top three tips for hiring new employees?

  1. Think about the candidates’ perspective. Would you work for you? If I’m a candidate and I do some research about the company, what shows up for your company? Do you have a career page? What is your online presence like? You have a good understanding of who your competitors are if you have a set list of history and past projects.
  2. Remember it’s a job ad and not a job posting. Use the right language when you are looking for a strong candidate and the language that is used to attract that new employee. Test your job ad internally to see what’s the most exciting language.
  3. Be critical of how a person interviews vs. any testament of the quality of work they do. Some people may interview better than they may be a worker and vice versa. Keep an eye on how they present themselves, if they bring a tool belt/tools to the interview, knowledge of industry terms and others.

Listen to DiBara outline these tips in depth and his further thoughts on how we, as employers, determine skill assessment.

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