Workplace satisfaction is more important than ever before for retaining employees, with one recent survey finding that 77 percent of workers were more likely to stay with an employer if they were satisfied with the company’s organizational culture.

To uncover which industry has the most satisfied employees, researched online review data for 200 companies across multiple industries and ranked them based on the following criteria: culture and values, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, compensation, career opportunities and senior management satisfaction.

Using these rankings, scored each industry on a scale of one to 100 for each category, as well as an overall average. The research found the construction industry to have the most satisfied employees of any industry, earning an overall score of 72.20 out of 100.

Several factors are likely contributing to construction’s high scores, including skyrocketing wages, which have seen an increase of more than 20 percent since 2021. Other contributing factors include increasing job opportunities, greater job security and the availability of diverse roles.

The complete rankings are as follows:

Culture and Values Diversity and Inclusion Work-Life Balance Compensation Career Opportunities Senior Management Average out of 100
Construction 74.9 75.7 65.9 73.1 74.2 69.4 72.2
Accounting and Taxes 74 76.3 67.7 68.6 75.3 69.6 71.92
Manufacturing 74 77.9 69 71.9 71.2 66.5 71.75
Tech 70.3 74.8 71.5 72.1 67.2 61.8 69.62
Health Care 68 73.8 66.6 66.9 67.5 60.7 67.25
Hospitality 69.8 75.2 65.5 57.3 69.1 65.1 67
Transport and Logistics 64.8 71.8 62 64.1 66 60.8 64.92
Tourism 67.4 72 63.8 65.6 52 49.5 61.72
Legal 64.5 70.1 66.8 65.2 39.6 55.6 60.3
Retail and eCommerce 64.7 72.4 38.6 63.1 63 58.8

“It’s clear that job satisfaction plays an important role in employee retention, and research shows that happy employees are more productive than those dissatisfied with their jobs,” said Jason O’Brien, COO of “As our findings show, employee satisfaction is based on a variety of factors, from workplace culture and compensation to opportunities and management. Businesses that want to retain their employees need to focus on all these factors, as the top-ranking industries scored highly across the board.”

Methodology selected 10 top industries in the United States and identified 20 top companies per industry. It then used Glassdoor review data, which ranks each company on a scale of one to five on the following categories: culture and values, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, compensation, career opportunities and senior management.

This means each company could earn up to five points in each category. then added the 20 company scores together for a total possible point value of 100 per category. Those total scores were then averaged to receive the overall score for each industry.

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