Some of President Obama’s critics have sarcastically nicked-named him the “Messiah” suggesting that his rhetoric makes people think he can walk on water. Some have called him “Superman” for pretty much the same reason, but with a more comic book view of his efforts to solve all our problems is akin to “leaping tall buildings with a single bound.” I don’t think either label does him justice. I think he is more like Martin Luther King, who inspired people to face down difficult challenges and rise up to make positive change happen.

In his address before a joint session of Congress, President Obama laid out the challenge facing all of us, and sketched out ideas to manage that challenge. He spoke of the problems in the housing market, in our financial institutions, the loss of good paying jobs, and the crisis we face with providing affordable healthcare to our citizens. He reached out to the opposing party to work and act as a partner to fine tune and move these plans into effect.

Can we come together to find solutions to this crisis on a non-partisan basis, or will we allow history to repeat itself and let Rome burn while Nero (Congress) plays the fiddle?