(From “7 Things Every Contractor Needs to Do to Maximize Their Internet Marketing”)

So, are you ready to harness the power of the Internet and make your phone ring? If yes, here are just the first three things you need to do right now:
    #1 - Make sure every ad you place online or offline (including your Yellow Pages and newspaper ads) has your website clearly listed

    #2 - Make sure your homepage is geared to service first-time visitors. This means you need to focus on what the needs of these people looking for your services are. Are there types of emergencies they’d encounter? Are there types of trouble-shooting calls they’d need us for? And are there types of new equipment or installation work they’d be seeking?

    #3 - Make a clear-cut call to action on your homepage for visitors to take, whether it's filling out a form or calling your toll-free number. Anytime you can offer a gift or incentive to take action, do it. Things such as coupons for first-time visits or other free gifts work well. (To learn more, click on the picture of Leads King Bob Regnerus here.)
Great marketers know that whether they’re communicating online or offline, it all begins and ends with a clear message that’s written in plain-English to their target audience. You must have a solution to their problem that helps them take the next step, which is a response to your call to action.

I bet you that by just engaging these first three steps correctly you’ll see an improvement on your ROI [return on investment] for your Internet marketing. Next week I’ll be sharing the rest of the “7 Things Every Contractor Needs to Do to Maximize Their Internet Marketing”.