For a few years now, Walls & Ceilings has had to be very careful on how we have reported on the Chinese drywall issue. The topic still continues. The situation became thick fast and really quite messy. We asked The Gypsum Association to contribute on this topic in its monthly column All Things Gypsum. You can read the columnhere

U.S.-based gypsum manufacturers responded accordingly to this issue: If you look on their respective sites, some specifically address the issues and concerns of Chinese drywall and some explain the manufacturing process, and how the board is made and where. In addition, the Gypsum Association also has information on the subject at its

Recently, I came across a release on National Gypsum’s Web site that discusses this topic.

A suit was filed in Alabama that claimed the manufacturer’s drywall exhibited the same characteristics as defective Chinese board. Marshall County, Alabama Circuit Court Judge Tim Jolley entered an order dismissing the case, Clark vs. National Gypsum, et. al., with the plaintiffs barred from bringing the same claim against the company again. In April, another suit claiming that National’s product had the same properties as Chinese drywall was also dismissed, as well.

These are good testimonials that the public should be aware of. Congratulations to National Gypsum.