There is no doubt about it, an online-based presence is a big, fat “must” for all publishers and media in this day and age. If you look back a decade ago, you would find most news sources were only in their infancy in how coverage was reported and the products they offered. Today, that culture has evolved rapidly.

Walls & Ceilings-as well its publisher BNP Media-has strived to keep up-to-date on how this news is delivered. When I started with the company in 2000, we did have an online presence but back then, it was quite bare bones. Now, in addition to our print issue being posted online, we now offer digital issues, breaking news, videos, and much more. And of course, social media plays a big part of this.

W&Chas its own Facebook page. If you are now a friend, please join the group. The site can be found

Of course, Twitter is a fast and condensed medium for quick news nuggets. Our following is growing and if you haven’t visited us there yet, please go to!/wallsnceilings.

Personally, I wouldn’t have forecasted LinkedIn to be another great source for news but it is. The extended network of followers-like Twitter-encourages not just staff to report but readers to share their news. Visit this link to join our

Please visit us regularly for news that reports on this great industry. Until next time …