It is odd how a name sticks. Sometimes really sticks. For example, casing bead for stucco is still called “ Milcore” in many areas of California. Milcore was the company that originally created the product and has long since gone out of business, but the name is still there. Weepscreed, #7 the V shaped style, was originally required by the Federal Housing Authorities and became known as FHA screed. I heard the term the other day on a project and it was a real flashback for me.

EIFS is known as Dryvit, and Sheetrock as gypsum wallboard, to many people and they get upset when you try to clarify it is a tradename.

Some names are only in regions. “Button board” was the slang name for gypsum lath because of the holes. In editing the new plaster manual, Albert Carrillo, my counterpart in Arizona, says it was known as “Little Board” there. Someday we have to have a universal list of obscure names for products and publish the list. I would love to put these in the manual.

Does your region have a “nickname” for a product or system?