Redlands is a city in California, and like all cities, they are suffering through a budget crisis. Unlike other cities though, there are no lay-offs. The reason is all city employees agreed to take a 10 percent pay-cut to meet the budget shortfall. The universal pay-cut was not a walk in the park. The most difficult group was the police officers union.

For several weeks the police union have sent a strong message to the city: no concessions and no lay offs will be tolerated with the 339 police officers. The union also voted to oust the current police chief of Redlands. I suppose we kill the messenger.

The Redlands Police Department was also under tremendous pressure from neighboring departments not to take a pay-cut as it would send the wrong message. I am not sure where the police union expected the city to get more money. Oh yes, more taxes. That's the answer. Unfortunately, the public is also suffering.

Finally, with 49 lay off notices in hand, the police union conceded at the 11th hour.

What a shame. All these guys did was save their jobs and they stuck together to do it. My hat is off to them for making a tough decision. I just wish the neighboring police departments would have a little respect for them.