Change is hard and in construction it is almost impossible. Why? A recent study profiled the person most likely to resist change is someone who is successful and generally higher educated. Now that seems to fly in the face of common sense, or does it? Why would someone who has done something that made them successful be interested in change? Because what they have done worked, they made it.  But that is not the right question you should be asking yourself: you should ask, “Will it still work in the future?”

Our industry has changed. Most changes are thrust upon us, such as codes, regulations and energy requirements.  What will the future look like? Do we have any say or control of that future? Some believe we cannot change or direct what happens in our industry but I disagree. I believe we can “steer” events, regulations and even policies to be more advantageous to our industry. I think we need to look at current trends, predict what will likely happen and decide where to invest our resources to direct that future to better the industry. While some believe this means more profit, I am thinking bigger and a little more noble. Can we leave this world or at least our industry better than we found it?