Walls & Ceilings Architect’s upcoming Webinar, “Four Barriers for Four Wetting Potentials: How to Design Successful Exterior Wall Assemblies,” is fast approaching. The event is presented by Len Anastasi, president of EXO-TEC Consulting Inc., November 29 at 2:00 pm EST.

This free 45-minute presentation will discuss the four basic wetting potentials that above grade exterior wall assemblies are subject to due to the differing climates between indoor and outdoor climates. These barriers need to be identified and located properly within the assembly in order for the assembly to effectively deal with the wetting potentials. This presentation will identify these four barriers, inform participants which barriers will deal with what potentials and show the participants where to locate the barriers based on their physical properties in order to design a successful exterior wall assembly. The presentation will be followed by a 15 minute Q&A with Anastasi.

And what does Anastasi hope to achieve presenting this Webinar? “Inform the participants about the correct way to assess and then design an exterior wall assembly for their climate region and use of the building,” he says. The event is both ideal for contractors and architects, and others interested in learning about exterior wall assemblies.

When asked what other good, complementary source information there is to this presentation, Anastasi says not a lot.

“I’ve been asked by many to write a book on this,” he says. “Right now, most of the knowledge is considered intellectual property by those who know it.”

The Webinar is also brought to you by CertainTeed, ClarkDietrich Building Systems, Extrutech Plastics Inc., Hunter Panels, Parex USA and Total Wall.

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