In the beginning of the iPad craze in 2010, the line of tablet computers designed by Apple Inc. was considered “Children’s toy of the year,” and might’ve been you or your spouse’s go-to device for reading your favorite novel, but since then, it’s evolved into much more.

iphones, iPads, and other smart phones can all be found as a critical resource on the jobsite nowadays with the help of downloadable applications that organize and deliver information quicker than ever. What makes them better than a laptop is their level of portability and range of apps available for your use. The evolution of contractors utilizing smart phones to their fullest potential seems to go hand-in-hand with BIM being accepted by contractors. Slowly but surely everyone will be doing both.  

The construction industry is being stretched to evolve in a harder than ever market place, and mobile technology is making it easier by finally touching base with AEC (Architectural, Engineering, Construction) industries.

If you’re trying to find an edge against the competition, these technological advances benefit you because they are easy to use and simple changes you can make.

Here’s an introduction to some apps you should download if you have a smart phone, whether you’re a beginner who just got a smart phone, or you already access BIM data on your iPad.

This week’s app trend is: Estimation

iEstimate Construction:  This app claims to be the most advanced mobile estimation tool in the world, and is also one of the priciest apps, valued at $19.99. iEstimate says it provides contractors and advanced do-it-yourselfers a powerful tool for project and job estimation. You can send estimates directly to customers with your logo at the top, create templates for common projects, and manage a central database of products and services that can be attached to individual projects. Available on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  Click here for a demo video.

iQuick Estimator: This popular app is one in a series of construction apps. It can perform simple estimates for framing, roofing, flooring, drywall, paint and concrete projects. After determining material and labor costs, you can email your bid directly from the app to your client. App costs $4.99.

The same creator also has the following apps below available for more precise uses, available for both Apple and Android users.

Universal Estimator: This App is the more affordable route if you’re looking for something less expensive before downloading its competitor above. At just $0.99, the app says it’s the best tool for construction, bidding and estimating projects while being versatile enough to estimate several types of housing projects such as: painting, flooring, roofing, framing, etc.

Other estimation apps worth checking out that are for more specific projects:


Fast Paint Calculator with Email: This is another handy app for painters and finishing contractors that need to quickly calculate costs and materials of paint projects. Users can enter the dimensions of the room, enter the price per gallon of paint, then click calculate to determine the job cost. This app costs $0.99 and works with iPhones, iPod Touch, or iPad.