The Acriglo is designed to provide illumination without a back-up power source during the loss of electricity. It is charged completely by the luminosity omitted during the normal operation of a light. The glow emitted from a fixture with Acriglo lasts several hours, while providing a lighting capacity equivalent to that of moonlight. In addition, it can be charged and discharged indefinitely, without any degradation to the performance of the acrylic. Offered in several colors and textures, it combines aesthetic appeal with a practical and low-maintenance safety device. Under normal conditions, it serves as a decorative light fixture, while during blackout conditions, it provides the illumination needed for safe passage. This feature is valuable for use in applications where there is little or no available natural light, such as: interior offices in buildings; hallways and corridors in hotels, schools and medical settings; and in factory or warehouse facilities. Sheets are available in a variety of sizes, and in thicknesses ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 inches. All sheets can be custom cut or configured to meet all specifications.