From the success of last year's T-shirt contest, the wall and ceiling presented another year of creative and entertaining work attire.

As was true of last year’s submissions, we were impressed by the effort put forth this year by many of our readers. This year, suppliers were invited to the party and a few stepped up. Congratulations. For those of you who didn’t take advantage of the free advertising, all I can say is, “You snooze you lose.” We would love to see something extra special from you next year?

Sadly (for the judges), there were no submissions featuring hot babes, cute kids, or bizarre-looking individuals. I’m sure glad I kept that picture of April Silverman sporting her “T-bone” from last year’s award-winning T-shirt sent in by Irish Construction, to keep us going until next year’s crop of shirts arrive.

National Gypsum

And the winners are ...

Winner of designing both a shirt and a product that makes the most common sense is National Gypsum for its GridMarx shirt/board. Not only does the huge bull’s eye on the back of the shirt make it easy to keep track of all your men on the job, but the idea of having board with targets is ingenious. It is now possible for that rookie who couldn’t find a stud if the board was transparent to drive a screw into a framing member instead of thin air.

Applied Drywall & Texture
The company most willing to use self-deprecating humor in order to win a silly T-shirt contest is Applied Drywall & Texture from Mound, Minn. Credit for the design goes out to Christa Johnson, self-proclaimed wearer of many hats. With this award she can add to that pedigree, “Wearer of many hatsand a winning shirt.” Screen printing was done by

Pacific Wallboard & Plaster Co.
The shirt that most makes you look like you are still able to “rock” goes to Pacific Wallboard & Plaster Co. Located in Oregon City, Ore., PW&P has been in business for 28 years. Credit for the winning design is shared equally between purchasing agent Sheree Couture and supervisor Pete Aguayo. The screen-printing was done by Brenda Burgi, of Handprints, in Gladstone, Ore.

Operative Plasters' and Cement Masons International Association
Most detailed design has to go to the Operative Plasters’ and Cement Masons International Association. Submitted by the Executive Director of the OPCMIA Job Corps Training Program, Bill Rogers helps conduct training seminars across the country to further knowledge in the plastering trade, and help teach the next generation of tradesmen. The shirt was both designed and printed by Gary Koffarnus at Western Pacific Screen printing and Embroidery in Reno, Nev. Nice Job.

Stockton Products
Best use of subliminal messaging was sent in by Doyle Souser, general manager of Stockton Products. Stockton Products has been supplying the Southwest with metal and wire products for the construction industry since 1949. Look at this shirt and ask yourself, “Should I go to work today or should I go to the beach?” My guess is more than once the beach was chosen over work after the crafty subliminal messaging incorporated into this design worked its magic on the unsuspecting cerebral cortex. The mad genius responsible for this winner is Mike Giles of Midnight Impressions. He took an idea from Souser and kicked it up in a huge way. Wear this shirt at your own risk!

Jimerson Construction
Contractor most willing to rip off a national ad campaign would have to be Jimerson Construction, of Chadron, Neb. They would have won best of show and a cover feature if they only could have convinced Britney Spears to model it while wearing a tool belt, and drinking a glass of … shucks I forget what she was drinking. Design credit goes to Dennis and Heath Jimerson. The dangerous and, hopefully, lucrative job of printing a knock-off was accomplished by Laurie Sauser, owner of LA Sign & Screening, also of Chadron.

BPB Westroc
Winner of the logo most likely to be edited out by the staff at the magazine was sent in by owner of Express Drywall, Gregg Fussell. I’m sure the idea behind this motto is because of a terrific work ethic practiced by Express and all its personnel. I am positive there are no double meanings—REALLY! Oh yeah, I forgot, Gregg hails from Flower Mound, Texas.

Express Drywall
Winner of what we have all wanted to do more than once to an annoying super is from BPB Westroc. The company has a whole line of MUDgear and this one sums it up for many of us. I’m sure they have a whole think tank working on ways to promote their mud and I think they all deserve a raise!

You will notice there were no winners and losers in the final cut. This is a lesson I have had to learn now that my youngest son, Christopher, is playing rookie ball. His team is being coached that if the players put forth an effort, they are winners. So, to those of you who did not make the final cut, you’re a winner, because at least you took the time to submit. Sadly, there was limited space available so we had to make some tough choices. We would like to thank you all for the time you spent using the weak side of your brain.

Remember: Sometimes it takes both sides of your brain to get ahead in life.