Dry wall Inc.
The response to this year's contest was phenomenal. I must state up front, we planned space for this contest off of last year's results. We could have filled an entire issue with entries. That being said, we only have room for eight pictures this year. The judging was tight and sadly there were some very solid designs that could not make it to print. Without further ado, the winners are:

Lenwood Inc.

Contractor category:

First place contractor category goes to the boys of Triple A Drywall, in Minneapolis. Andy (photographer), Alex (designer) and Adam Luce obviously read AID and understand what Gonzo likes. Rumor has it this lovely young lady is Adam's main squeeze, proving that drywall guys do get the hottest babes. Laney Symanietz, thanks for being a sport.

Second place contractor goes to Joseph Pelletier, owner of Fat Boy Drywall Inc. Joe hails from Bainbridge, Ga., and I'm guessing he's a big fan of BBQ. If Joe would have snapped a photo of this shirt on the back of a Georgia peach, AAA would have had some serious competition ... hint, hint. Nice job, Joe.

Third place contractor goes to Lenwood Drywall, in Strongsville, Ohio. Pat Easterwood, company bookkeeper and office manager for this family-owned business was the designer of the "ultimate rocker." Here's to another 40 years.

Stockton Products

Supplier category:

First place in the supplier category was once again picked by Gonzo. It was submitted by Heidi Hauff, communications director for Hacker Industries Inc., of Newport Beach, Calif. Model Jena Robertson proves a picture is worth a thousand words. One has to wonder: Did they come up with this name before or after they saw Jena in a T-shirt?

Second place supplier goes to our friends at Stockton Products. Updating past year's party theme to a stylin' theme, once again the folks at Stockton come up with a shirt my boys are fighting over. Another hint: Doyle, if this shirt had been worn by someone stagediving into the crowd at a Stones concert, you would have placed first. Thank you for your continued support every year! I can't wait to see what you come up with next year.

Third place winner in the supplier category is Trim-Tex. Gonzo enjoyed your letter, Judy, and he wanted me to assure you his therapy is going well and the new shirt is comfortable. However, his therapist recommends waiting until next year before he considers doing any modeling.

Submitted by Judy Marszalek

Designed by Joe Koenig and Greg Ozubko

Printed by G.O.S. Graphics

Anderson Drywall

Future generation category:

We must recognize the future generation, and our "Best use of kids" category ended in a tie.

Olga Smith, of Taneytown Drywall Inc., who believes in training their employees early, sent in this picture of future drywaller Grant Smith III contemplating the price of board. Grandfather Grant and father Steve are counting on him to take the reins someday and continue the tradition they started in 1984.

Rodney Anderson, owner of Anderson Drywall, sent in this picture of future company owner Jamie "Reagan" Anderson, showing her prowess handling a knife. I like the shirt and the pigtails. Let's go four wheeling someday Rodney, (I like shooting texture too).

Mike Hardy, owner of Mike's Drywall, in Halifax, Va., wins the award for incorporating a ripped-off cartoon character to promote drywall. I'm not sure an Ass can handle a mud pan since they have no thumbs. I liked it.

A new award had to be added this year thanks to National Gypsum. Gonzo is still stumbling into walls and can't find the stud when he is screwing off in the field since he tried in vain to find the hidden picture in National's newest shirt design. I have to admit, I couldn't find it either. If any of the readers see it, do us a favor and let us know what it is. Thanks guys for the shirt and the package it came in (which was packed in the shape of a small pail). Gonzo had fun ripping it apart. You win the "mess with Gonzos' mind" award this year.

Not enough room category:

Although we ran out of space for pictures, no contest would be complete without the following category, (I hope words do it justice).

Best use of alcohol in a design goes to Merlex:

"It's Stucco-Rita Time"

1 part Tequila

2 parts Triple Sec

3 parts "the stucco guys"

"Mix it up in Mexico"

I also got a chuckle over the shirt Milwaukee Tools sent, which read, "Nobody ever got a blister building a Web site."

Many thanks go out to all of you who took the time to send in a shirt. As was mentioned, the space we had allotted was limited. There were many shirts that were Gonzo-worthy. Hopefully, next year we will have more space and we will be able to showcase more of your handy work.

Remember: Gonzo digs chicks, kids and daredevils!