G-P Gypsum Corp. has announced the company's decision to discontinue manufacturing and selling paper-faced exterior gypsum sheathing products for use in exterior construction applications.

While traditional paper-faced exterior gypsum sheathing has provided much needed fire resistance for commercial and residential applications for many years, it also has significant limitations, including a lack of resistance to moisture. When a building project using exterior paper-faced sheathing is subject to wet weather or significant humidity during the construction phase, problems can occur, the company says. In some cases, saturated paper-faced sheathing must even be removed and replaced. If paper-faced exterior sheathing becomes wet and the project is "closed in" without adequate drying, the paper on the face and back of the panel can provide an excellent environment for mold growth.

"G-P Gypsum has utilized ... DensTechnology to replace paper-faced exterior gypsum sheathing with paperless options that better resist moisture and mold while still providing strong levels of fire resistance," said Dave Fleiner, president of G-P Gypsum.

This residential sheathing comes with a limited warranty that provides up to 90 days of coverage against in-place exposure damage and a three-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.