Nick discusses why positive press is healthy and wishes some friends good bye.

Readers may notice a couple of warm and fuzzy pieces in the Trade News section ofWalls & Ceilingsthis month. One is about USG's 100th anniversary and the other reports on Apla-Tech's accolades regarding the ergonomic benefits of its tools.

At a recent trade show, a reader mentioned that increasingly, in his opinion, more and more of W&C's editorial is amounting to plugs for companies. And that although he respects the fact that we can't "rock the boat" by potentially offending advertisers, couldn't we be less "fluffy."

Well, I have to take issue with this charge. Walls & Ceilings is a magazine to help contractors do better business. It is both a how-to magazine and a business-owner's magazine. It is not the New York Times. If a manufacturer has a product that helps a contractor do better business, we want to inform the readers by demonstrating the product's use in practical, real-world applications. We don't say how great something is. We report from the horse's mouth how these products were used on a successful project.

In the Trade News section, USG's 100th anniversary is a milestone. It is a success story not just from a gypsum industry standpoint but from an American standpoint. This company was founded when Teddy Roosevelt was president!

Apla-Tech's recognition for ergonomics is newsworthy because the workers doing the actual work in the field should always have the easiest time possible, especially when the work is hard and repetitive. Let this recognition raise the bar for everyone to take ergonomics seriously. When the workforce is healthy, everybody wins.

Redo Your Crew!

Walls & Ceilingsand WearGuard are teaming up to sponsor a crew makeover contest with a prize valued at $2,000! Check out the "Redo Your Crew" on page 60 for details and rules. Time to get pretty!

New column!

W&Cis proud to announce the debut of All Things Gypsum, a new column from the Gypsum Association, that will keep readers current on all things gypsum.

The human adventure is just beginning ...

Alas, after teasing us that he would carry the torch solo, Kevin Bush has announced that he will no longer be able to continue Adventures in Drywall due to increasing professional obligations. I would like to take this time on behalf of theWalls & Ceilingsstaff to thank Kevin and Bill for the fun they brought each month and wish them the best. Hopefully, they'll check in now and then with a guest column.

Remember: It's not just drywall ... it's your life.

A better place

On a sadder note,W&Crecently learned of the passing of Art Guererro, plasterer and contributor to W&C, due to failing health. Our condolences to Art's family and friends.