The new line of high-accuracy Doser fiber dispensing systems produce consistent fibered-concrete mixes. They are available in various models to accommodate any size ready-mix or precast operation. Unlike volumetric and fluid-delivery dispensers, the products utilize air-driven, dry-process technology that calculates and dispenses dosages via weight sensors. These dispense all types of fibers used for secondary reinforcement, plastic shrinkage control and temperature shrinkage control-and require no heating. The line contains a surge bin/hopper; the bottom of the surge bin is a flat-top conveyor with flights. The flights push out a small amount of fibers from the bottom of the hopper onto a chute that transports the fibers down to a weight hopper or an air injector (depending on the product model). After the fibers are scaled, they drop into an injector. The injector blows the fibers through the pipe to create a vacuum that draws the fibers into the air stream and separates the fibers.