By a significant margin, members of the Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association have given approval to a proposal to become a council of the Steel Framing Alliance. With this approval, the LGSEA will serve as the steel framing industry's home for professional designers.

The new alignment eliminates duplicate programs, activities and administrative burdens for both the LGSEA and SFA, and creates increased opportunities for alliance members who are engineers and designers. The creation of this technical council under the umbrella of SFA will allow engineers to focus on developing research projects and producing technical literature that designers need.

LGSEA board members, by majority vote, endorsed the union of LGSEA and SFA.

Subsequently, LGSEA's voting members ratified the proposal to join SFA. The Board of LGSEA is preparing for transition into its new entity and an advisory panel created by SFA is currently guiding LGSEA's new role and focus in its new capacity.