A look at some of the new products presented at INTEX 2008

Structus Building Technologies demonstrated their latest innovation, the AUTOSLAM machine, at INTEX 2008. The AUTOSLAM machine automates drywall corner trim application by using a single 500 foot roll to produce outside/inside corners, off-angles and L Trim to specified lengths. AUTOSLAM allows contractors to input large sets of specified corner trim lengths and profiles at one time. Once data has been entered, the machine automatically applies joint compound, and produces and cuts those corners within seconds. Run time averages 120 linear feet of corner per minute.

Falcon Railing System, a division of Falcon Ladder, introduced the Falcon Patented Topless/Bottomless 10 mm Glass System. The system can be installed on any shape of deck. The patented posts contain a rotating gasket that allows installation of 10 mm glass 42 inches high x 54 inches long and with any angle adaptability. The aluminum posts are available in a wide range of powder-coated colors.