Two independent laboratory tests concluded that HurriQuake withstands uplift forces of more than 271 pounds per square foot (depending on nail pattern and shank diameter). The nail includes a stiffer plastic collation formula that breaks away more effectively as the nail is driven. This reduces "flagging" (the collection of collation material under the nail head) for a cleaner, flush application of the next layer. The nail brandishes an "HQ1" on its head for easy identification. The design features a 30-percent larger head to produce a dramatic increase in holding power. This plays a key role in resisting the vacuum effect of uplift forces, which often causes standard nail heads to pull or tear through sheathing. Its 50/50 shank configuration also features an aggressive ring shank to minimize withdrawal failure. It also performs strongly with earthquakes. The nail touts high-quality carbon steel alloy construction to meet code requirements and exceed a bend yield of 100,000 psi. It is compatible with different models of nailers and comes in a quantity of 5,000 per box.

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