The Pro150Turbo chalk reel is virtually indestructible, has a fast-retrieve reel and 150 feet of line for large projects. The easy-to-use product is made of high-strength plastic, making it nearly impossible to break. Additionally, it has a soft-grip handle that is easy to hold, no matter what the conditions are. The reel has a 3-1 fast-retrieve system that rewinds by itself when pushing a button. The patent-pending Turboline snaps cleaner and sharper lines. This special line also holds the chalk better than other lines for more snaps, saving users time and money. To avoid getting the line wet, a maintenance cap has been added at the end of the line for easy cleaning. This ensures that chalk clumps won't clog the reel. It comes with one 8 ounce screw-in bottle of chalk and weighs 1 pound.