Saw Trax Mfg. Inc. has released its first hand-held knife guide system, the Guardian Knife Guide. Different from a blade guide, with the Knife Guide, the knife tracks on the guide, independent of the blade. This increases productivity because it will cut down on wasted material due to blade wander. And because the user does not have to worry about too much side force on the guide or having the blade jumping the guide, the Guardian Knife Guide also makes work faster and safer. The Guardian system consists of an OLFA knife using a segmented blade, an attached stainless steel bracket and an aluminum guide track. The guide track has a lip that lets the user know where the blade will cut for quick alignment. It has a tab to keep the user’s fingers away from the travel of the steel bracket. Lastly, the guide track has a rubber pad on the bottom to prevent it from slipping during a cut.