For the past 12 months, the readers of Walls & Ceilings have told us what products and literature were of interest to them by filling out the reader action cards. Tallied from hundreds of entries, the following have appeared in the Product Focus and Toolbox departments. In no particular order, here’s what you told us you found of interest.

Soundproof drywall - Quiet Solution

The lowest-cost, high-performance soundproof drywall panel QuietRock 525 is simple to score, snap and hang. It installs and finishes like standard drywall and requires no special tools or equipment. The board weighs about the same as standard drywall and provides strong sound isolation at a lower total installed cost than other methods. With STC values of up to 72, it provides acoustic mitigation equivalent to eight layers of standard drywall, making it ideal for multifamily, home and commercial construction. The patent-pending CPG composite technology uses advanced viscoelastic polymers, ceramics and gypsum in a constrained three-layer fabrication.

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Waterproof ceiling tile - Parkland Plastics

SpectraTile Ceiling Panels are completely waterproof lay-in tiles. Extruded from foam PVC, these plastic panels eliminate the problems traditional fiber-based ceiling tiles have with water absorption, mold, crumbling and replacement issues. They will not discolor, swell, bow or rot. In addition to being Class-A flame spread, the tiles pass the NFPA’s Life Safety Code. The non-porous surface will not harbor bacteria and can be easily washed or wiped clean. The white tiles, available in 2 feet by 2 feet or 2 feet by 4 feet, hide scratches and are available in three embossed designs or a simple, smooth surface.

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Drywall respirator - AOSafety/Aearo

The CoolMax is a NIOSH-approved N95 sanding, drywall and fiberglass respirator. Its patented design allows workers to breathe up to two times easier and it lasts up to three times longer than other disposable masks. The mask feels cooler because it filters more air with each breath, reducing trapped heat and humidity. The respirator allows you to inhale and exhale easier, eliminating the need for a valve. A soft polyester binding, flexible material and adjustable nosepiece allows for a better, more secure fit. The large surface area keeps you from sounding muffled when talking. The respirator folds easily for convenient storage and limited reuse.

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Arch-cased kit - CurveMakers Inc.

The manufacturer of curved millwork has developed and patented the Arch Cased Opening Kit. These kits are fully assembled as finished jamb and casing assemblies that can be installed in minutes, completely eliminating the need for custom millwork or special framing. Frame for a square and install a curve. The core of the business is the production of curved moldings. A majority of these moldings are incorporated into the patented arch systems for cased openings, a standardized product made to eliminate the traditional problems of creating arched openings.

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Stained glass plaster - Global Coatings Inc.

The look of stained glass can now have the same look on walls, ceilings and columns. The company’s Tiffany Stone melds the radiance, color and sparkle of crushed stained glass with finely crushed marble. The result is a stained glass plaster that’s aesthetic and non-fading. Since stained glass doesn’t contain pigment (which can fade), the product is blended with hues of historic stained glass that achieve a highly vivid appearance. The product is VOC free and guaranteed not to fade.

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Fiberboard panels - Barnes-Stonedale

The Load Bearing Insulating Fiber Concrete fiberboards, used in place of wood framing, can withstand winds up to 150 mph. LIFCON replaces traditional framing insulation and drywall in home building and light construction. The manufacturer states the fiber wall panels are termite proof, fire and black mold resistant and possess inherent soundproofing and insulation properties. The fiberboards are currently available in 2-feet-by-8-feet panels and can be drilled, cut, nailed into and adhered to like traditional wood. The panels are constructed of a durable weather-resistant material that is lighter and less dense than concrete. Each panel is 3½ inches thick. Each panel contains eight equally spaced round cores to simplify the routing of electrical and plumbing, and play an integral role during installation.

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Scaffold moving system - Crawler Products

The Crawler is a universal scaffold moving device powered by a cordless drill and is OSHA compliant. It is designed to fit any “Baker style” scaffold. It is also telescopic to adapt to various heights of scaffolds and allowing it to fit through any standard doorway. The system fits popular drill brands, such as Bosch, DeWalt, Hilti, Hitachi, Panasonic, Makita and Milwaukee. One can power a scaffold in excess of 1,500 feet with a single battery charge. The company offers a heavy-duty scaffold rated at 1,000 pounds, an entry-level 100 series scaffold and a 200 series scaffold with features that make it ideal for the job site.

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Acrylic and acoustic ceiling panels - Architectural Products by Outwater, LLC/ULC

The Summer Sky Acrylic & Acoustic Ceiling Panels have the look of a warm, sunny day. Offered as 2-feet-by-2-feet panels (with six randomly mixed sky patterns) or 2-feet-by-4-feet panels (with three randomly mixed sky patterns), they are designed for easy drop-in use with standard T-grid suspended ceiling channel systems. Durable, lightweight and economical, they are ideal for new residential and commercial construction or renovation projects alike, and can be easily cut with common household scissors, utility knives or razors for further customized fabrication to accept most lighting, ventilation, water sprinkler and surface-mounted speaker systems. An impervious, low-maintenance and easy-to-clean surface not only negates the need for any follow-up painting and refinishing over the years, it also renders the panels waterproof and mildew-resistant, as well as germ and bacteria-free.

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Decorative home enhancements - NMC America

The NMC Arstyl polyurethane product meets quality standards and completes any home with artistic style and elegance. The line offers design made of polyurethane material that is lightweight and easy to install. The product is made from a collection using aluminum molds. This ensures the most consistent part to part matching to prevent installation hassles or delays and to create the deepest and sharpest ornamental design detail possible. Furthermore, they are produced with an exterior acrylic foil for the smoothest surface, the best paint bonding possible and for long term protection against scratches and humidity infiltration. The products are then coated with an acrylic primer so they are ready to paint or stain. The line offers more than 170 SKU’s including crown moldings, picture framing, ceiling medallions, corbels, columns and pilasters that work together to create the ultimate fashion look for every room in the house. Furthermore, the Flex collection offers many moldings in a flexible series for curved walls.

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Molding installation - Focal Point Architectural Products

The Quick Clips system was created to make molding installation fast and easy. The clips are installed along with a header board, eliminating the need to find studs. The miter-free blocks add more convenience by eliminating the need for mitered corners. Because the molding is held securely in place by the clips, there is no need to nail through the molding, which eliminates the need for patching holes. Once the product-compatible moldings are installed, the entire mounting system is hidden from view. Two sizes of moldings for the system are available in 41⁄8 and 57⁄8 inch. Eight decorative patterns are available, as well.

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Wood, metal and fiberglass radial ceilings - Armstrong World Ind.

Offered in the company’s MetalWorks, WoodWorks and Optima product lines, these custom ceiling capabilities were created to offer a design enhancement for layouts that call for something other than square or rectangular ceiling panels. The diversity of radial ceiling materials provides a variety of design options to meet the aesthetic needs of a space. Ideal for use in high visibility spaces, the radial ceilings are offered in the broadest range of options, including three substrates, dozens of finishes and a range of price points. A wide range of performance characteristics is also available, including an option for acoustical control. All three ceiling systems can also be designed to provide access to the plenum, including the “Access” installation system for wood ceilings.

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Coating treatment for aged look - Sto Corp.

The StoTique is a coating treatment that creates the illusion of aging through creation of patina surfaces while enhancing the aesthetics and performance of the coating system. It is an exterior and interior coating that can be applied over any of the company’s finishes to achieve an antique or mottled appearance that will make any new surface look aged. It can be used for residential and commercial projects and gives distinct advantages for both the designer and the owner. The designer can achieve a historic, old-world look for any structure. The owner enjoys the latest trend in residential design, while taking advantage of the efficiency and reliability of modern materials. It can also be used to help blend in newly repaired and recoated structures into existing developments and neighborhoods. The color and texture options available are unlimited.

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Custom mosaic designs - Mixed-Up Mosaics

Mixed-Up Mosaics specializes in stained glass mosaics that are custom designed to enhance commercial or residential space. The creations are hand made and can be used for walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, tabletops, bartops, medallions, logos and more. The company can match any design or it can create original art for any project. Backlighting is easily accomplished utilizing the company’s mosaics. The company also creates tiles that are sold by the square foot. Ten custom designed patterns come mesh mounted in any color combination. The company also stocks more than 200 different colors of hand blown glass and can match any color scheme.

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Alternative to wood crown moldings - Wind-Lock

Trimroc Interior Crown Moulding consists of interior acrylic modified gypsum-plaster moldings extruded over an expanded polystyrene base that is ideal for residential and commercial applications. The standard profiles range from a 4-inch face to a 12-inch crown, all constructed in one piece. The product will accept water, oil or acrylic based paints. Primer is recommended prior to painting. Custom shapes are available. The product is fire-rated and ASTM E-84 test results are available on request.

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Victorian-style spires - Fypon

Inspired by classic church-top steeple designs, the new collection of spires is available in four styles. These are made of durable urethane millwork that resists splintering, decaying, insect infestation and all forms of moisture. Each one-piece molded millwork spire features a unique design. The spires range in height from 18¾ inches to 5515⁄16 inches. Each one features an anchoring pipe that makes it easy to affix the spire into a set location. The smallest spire has a diameter of 3 inches, while the largest has an 8-inch diameter.

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Gallery GRG Coffered Tiles provide the ultimate finishing touch in any interior design application. A variety of patterns detail a “state-of-the-art” styling, offering a sense of elegance, fine craftsmanship, performance, and affordability. Panels are manufactured from lightweight gypsum and are available using a patented composition that provides excellent NRC sound absorption qualities. Gallery Ceiling Tiles are handcrafted by skilled artisans and exceed all market expectations.

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Italian plaster - Vero

The company is the national distributor of Rialto authentic Italian plaster for both exterior and interior wall surfaces. The seasoned-slaked lime finishes are made with genuine Carrara marble and natural pigments. All of the products come in a white base that can be tinted from more than 400 standard colors or custom matches are available.

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Custom wood ceilings - Fifth Wall Designs LLC

The Fifth Wall System is based on a 24-inch-by-24-inch grid system made from solid wood and uses 1/2-inch MDF veneered panels. Each job is custom built to match the customer’s needs regarding wood species, stain, dimension, lighting, ventilation and acoustics. The wood species can be chosen from the company’s traditional line of offerings: hard or soft maple, cherry, oak, walnut and ash; or custom ordered from specialty woods: African Paduk, Brazilian Cherry or Anegre. There are also several staining options. The ceilings are shipped completely assembled and ready for installation.

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Spray foam insulation - NCFI Polyurethanes

ThermalStop and InsulBloc are closed-cell, spray-applied foam insulations that can be applied to any design shape. Affording higher R-values per unit thickness than can be achieved with other types of commercially available insulation, these products also provide a highly efficient air barrier and vapor diffusion retarder. Commonly used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications (including standard construction, as well as tanks, metal buildings, sewage digesters, etc.), the potential applications of these insulations are limited only by the imagination of the specifier.

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Mold- and mildew- resistant insulation - CertainTeed

The DryRight Fiber Glass Insulation is faced with MemBrain film to help building professionals control moisture within wall cavities. A combination of glass fiber insulation faced with breathable film, it reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth when installed properly. The film’s molecular-scale pores open under moist, humid conditions during the cooling season to allow moisture vapor to pass. When humidity is low inside during the heating season, the smart film’s molecular-scale pores close to block vapor transmission. Specifically, the permeance of the product is 1 perm or less at normal conditions and increases to greater than 30 perms when the humidity changes to near 90 percent. This process allows closed building envelope systems to increase their drying potential with season climatic changes.

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