Architects and masons worked side-by-side with plastering materials and methods at the International Masonry Institute’s (IMI) annual Masonry Camp in August. Designed to foster collaboration between designers and builders, the one-week session gave participants hands-on exposure to masonry crafts; plaster, brick, stone, and tile, as well as restoration.

They also experienced each other’s professions by working on a design/build challenge, where the masons participate in the design studio and the architects help build an element of their team’s design.

The program was “an eye-opener to see how much labor is involved and how meticulous craftworkers have to be to accomplish the work,” said Boston architect Valerie Towe. “I have a greater respect for them.”

The plaster craft station proved again to be a very popular crowd-pleaser. The plaster craft station covers conventional three-coat plaster, the newer two-coat veneer plaster, restoration mold making and casting, and gives an introduction to Venetian decorative interior finish. Plaster training is offered at the National Training Center for all stages, from apprentice to journey-level workers and instructors.