Read about products from USG Corporation, Capital Safety, Lead Records, BlazeFrame Manufacturing Inc., and JLG Industries.

Ultralight Panels

USG Corporation

Sheetrock Brand UltraLight Panels are up to 30 percent lighter, making installation easier and faster. These panels combine proprietary formulations and processes with new patented technologies. The panels utilize colloidal chemistry to feature a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio and improved sag resistance. The lightweight panels meet all International Building Code, International Residential Code and ASTM C1396 Specification for Gypsum Board, for both 1/2-inch gypsum wallboard and 1/2-inch gypsum ceiling board. The sheets are ideal for use on ceilings with up to 24-inch, on-center framing and water-based texture, presenting potential cost-savings when used as a replacement for 5/8-inch type X board used on ceilings or 1/2-inch interior ceiling board. The panels are available in standard lengths, including 8-, 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-foot panels in 48- and 54-inch widths. The panels help reduce fatigue with its lighter weight, easier and faster installation, and cleaner score and snap-ultimately helping contractors meet project demands.

Portable Guardrail Protection System

Capital Safety

The Portable Guardrail System offers a practical fall protection solution that is designed to prevent personnel from reaching a fall hazard. The freestanding system can be erected in minutes, requires no permanent or penetrating surface attachments, and seals off areas and edges that are unprotected, offering an ideal passive fall protection solution. The guardrails are offered in 6-, 8- and 10-foot sections to fit a site’s specific needs. The new and unique lightweight bases incorporate ergonomic handles, four rail receptacles and built-in toe-board brackets that allow infinite configurations with no additional components required. In addition, a rubber pad on the bottom of each base provides skid resistance and surface protection, while splice kit, roof hatch and swing gate accessories provide added versatility. Installation of the Portable Guardrail System is quick and easy with no special tools required. Simply position the bases, insert the guardrail sections into the bases and tighten the set screws to secure in place.

Record Organizer for Lead Paint

Lead Records

The EPA’s RRP Rule requires renovators who disturb lead-based paint to create and store records detailing their work practices on every job, or face stiff penalties. Lead Records’ Organizer simplifies RRP recordkeeping. The product is a comprehensive guide to fulfilling the EPA’s recordkeeping requirements and includes:
  • Complete set of forms covering all contingencies

  • Easy-to-follow instructions to complete the recordkeeping requirements

  • Recommendations for additional documentation
Renovators should compile:
  • Guide to creating end-of-project reports for homeowners

  • Renovate Right brochure

  • Customizable 3-ring binder

Firestopping Profile

BlazeFrame Manufacturing Inc.

The company’s BlazeFrame product line, UL certifications and listed assemblies have been updated covering up to 2-inch joint protection and 3 hour shaft wall ratings. Additional material/labor eliminating designs and assemblies have been certified providing solutions for difficult substrate, obstruction, and shaft wall conditions. Rated joints and head of wall assemblies intersecting with concrete, fluted metal deck (protected/unprotected), beams, columns, roof deck, and drywall, utilizing BlazeFrame profiles can be completed prior to stud and MEP installation. Submittal sheets for product and assembly details eliminating caulks, sprays, drywall rips, flute plates and mineral wool are available.

Portable Aerial Work Platform

JLG Industries

The LiftPod is a personal and portable aerial work platform designed as an alternative to the ladder. Powered with any common 18-volt cordless drill and easily transportable in the back of a van, pick-up truck or SUV, the platform provides users a 360-degree range of motion and the ability to work with both hands at a working height of up to 14 feet. The lightweight design and compact size allow a single person to move it around on the work site with its non-marking polyurethane wheels. It can also be assembled in less than 30 seconds. It weighs 145 pounds and consists of three main sections: the base, the mast and carriage, and the platform. The heavy-duty, powder-coated steel base’s castor mechanism locks when the product is in use and provides mobility when it is set up. The mast consists of aircraft-quality aluminum, and the platform has a 330-pound capacity at maximum elevation. An attached work tray holds tools and materials, allowing users to efficiently work with both hands.