, an online resource for the lift truck industry, has launched an online calculator that compares the cost of owning and operating an internal combustion engine (IC) lift truck fleet to that of a similar fleet of electric trucks. The calculator, created by GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, can be applied to all brands of trucks and fleets of any size, making it a valuable resource for potential lift truck buyers.

The calculator asks visitors to submit information in six different tabs: IC truck information, electric truck information, energy cost information, plant operation, IC truck operation and electric truck operation.

Once the information is submitted, the calculator generates an operation summary, comparing capital, energy and maintenance costs for IC and electric trucks. The operation summary can then be used to determine which type of lift truck best suits a company’s budget and needs.

The site also has an extensive “Before You Buy” section with various criteria to consider before purchasing a lift truck. The section includes articles, maintenance information and in-depth comparison data. is a Web site of Hyster Company.