Weather Tex, a hybrid weather-resistive barrier manufactured by Fortifiber, is a winner in the 2007 Builder News Best Products competition. Winners represent the most innovative and useful products introduced during that year.

“Weather Tex is the industry’s first hybrid housewrap and a high-tech solution that ends the paper vs. plastic debate,” the publication noted in announcing the award.

The product combines Fortifiber’s Super Jumbo Tex 60 Minute building paper, with its “smart” polymeric housewrap solution–WeatherSmart, according to Fortifiber’s Weather Tex Product Manager, Chris Yount. “Weather Tex provides an outstanding combination of strength, durability, breathability and moisture protection. The product delivers the ultimate in versatility, so it’s perfect for use under stucco, and an excellent choice in any climate and behind any cladding.”

Fortifiber Building Systems Group is 67 years old and operates plants in Fernley, Nev., Attleboro, Mass., Valdosta, Ga and Los Angeles.