AMAROK Inc., a cooperative serving the gypsum specialty distribution industry, announced its merger with Affiliated Distributors. AMAROK is now the AMAROK Drywall Division of Affiliated Distributors.

“A-D is the largest wholesale buying and marketing group in North America and this merger will give AMAROK the tools it needs to take its business to the next level,” said Jeff Jenkins, AMAROK’s CEO. “A-D is already doing many of the things that AMAROK envisioned but hasn’t accomplished due to limited staff and resources. Having been in business for 26 years A-D has developed the back office infrastructure to outperform other groups and the economies of scale to do it without adding cost to the members.” 

Presently, A-D is comprised of more than 370 independent distributor companies with over 3,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Its membership generates approximately $26 billion in sales across five industries: electrical supplies, industrial supplies, plumbing supplies, HVAC equipment and supplies, and pipe, valves and fittings.         

“Being part of A-D gives us the opportunity to grow and add value, while spreading the cost of technology improvements, marketing programs, and other member benefits across all divisions-costing each division far less than it would spend as a standalone entity,” Jenkins said. “I’m confident that becoming part of A-D will ensure AMAROK and its members a long and prosperous future.”

AMAROK was formed in 1996 and its members are a select group of independent gypsum specialty dealers who service wall and ceiling contractors throughout the states.