Polystyrene insulated concrete forms: Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

These ICFs contain Neopor, an expandable polystyrene material that contains tiny graphite particles that reflect heat radiation and give the material its silver-gray shine. The infrared absorbers and reflectors lower the thermal conductivity allowing the material to maintain thickness while increasing insulation capacity.

Textured acrylic surfacing systems for ICFs: BASF Wall Systems

These surfacing systems are designed as a complement to insulated concrete forms. Using the same basecoats, mesh and finishes that work over EPS boards, these systems provide the look of stucco in a wide variety of colors and textures. These systems can also be custom made to replicate the looks of natural stone, brick and even metal panels. They are designed to deliver crack-resistant flexibility and dirt resistance. According to the manufacturer, they don’t peel, flake or chip and are fade and abrasion resistant.

Structural insulated panels: Premier Building Systems

Used for the entire building envelope to construct roofs, walls and floors, these SIPs are composed of one layer of expanded polystyrene insulation sandwiched between two layers of OSB. They help reduce construction costs and jobsite waste by producing pre-fabricated panels for faster installation. Offering green quality, these SIPs can qualify for significant tax credits, incentives and environmental certifications.

Insulating concrete form: Amvic Building Systems

The T-Block is designed for applications where two walls intersect and is available in two configurations. One model has a short leg (bottom of the T) and one has a long leg allowing the forms to be alternated to ensure that the joints are staggered, increasing the strength of the intersection during the concrete pour and reducing the need for additional bracing. The T-block features a patented 1-inch deep FormLock reversible interlock which connects the forms tightly together without the need for gluing or taping.  It also contains 100 percent recycled polypropylene webs, which hold EPS panels together, hold reinforcing steel and act as furring strips for interior and exterior finishings. 

ICF assemblies: Stala Integrated Assemblies, LLC

The company has released two advanced options for commercial ICF openings. Radius window framing and door assemblies with finished glazing and mullions are now available. Systems To Assemble, Link and Align ICF construction is an engineered assembly that is designed to buck out openings, coordinate trades/materials throughout the project and strengthen the ICF wall. They are fabricated to plans and specifications to help reduce trade labor at openings and increase the speed of installation.

Insulating concrete forms: Nudura Corp.

These ICFs can be used in commercial applications such as office buildings, schools, hospitals and apartments. They can reduce energy bills by up to 75 percent and allow structures to be built 25 to 50 percent faster, cutting time from the construction schedule. These ICFs also have a hinged folding web.

ICF system: Eco-Block LLC

This is a versatile, simple to install and technologically advanced ICF system available for both commercial and residential construction. The use of the company’s ICF technology is designed to create super-insulated, monolithic concrete walls that save energy, keep noise out and improve air quality. It also provides fire, wind and weather resistance.

Concrete surface coating: KonCote Surface Products

KonCote is an architectural, chemical-concrete with over twice the strength of standard concrete. KonCote has a psi of 7880, making it one of the toughest and most durable surface coatings available, according to the manufacturer. With KonCote the user can select a color and texture that represent the image desired. KonCote can be applied to concrete, masonry, foam, steel, stucco and aggregate surfaces as well as horizontal surfaces and provides fire and water-resistance. It can be used in a variety of applications.

Commercial block ICF: Commercial Block Systems Inc.

Commercial Block creates a solid monolithic concrete wall that has a 4-hour fire rating. Incorporated into the foam block is a 25-gauge metal stud (not plastic) located on 8-inch centers. The center of the stud is open to allow concrete to flow through it and has six built in rebar chairs three on the top and three on the bottom.

Foam cutting tool: Wind-Lock

Used with ICFs and SIPs, the Super Groover is designed to cut foam in one clean pass, free of mess, with no beads or dust. Using a variety of available blades and attachments, the tool can be used to make consistent grooves, cut utility service channels, create radius walls, embed studs into foam, run electrical wires, or taper forms at the top of the wall. It is available as a stand-alone tool or in a kit with blades and accessories.