Steel Framing Alliance’s President Larry Williams has resigned and will leave the organization on September 1. He will be leaving to join the International Iron and Steel Institute (IISI) in Brussels, Belgium, as general manager, market development and sustainability.

“Larry has done a tremendous job leading SFA and he certainly will be missed,” said Don Moody, chairman of the SFA board and general manager, light gauge framing development, NuconSteel. “Larry understood the changing market dynamics of the industry and in recent years managed a transition of the organization’s focus from trade association activities to product management and marketing initiatives.”

During his tenure at SFA, Williams led advancements in the competitiveness of steel framing through insurance discounts and technical initiatives, as well as implementation of the industry’s technical field marketing program. Also during this time, alliance membership grew from 300 to 1,500 architects, engineers, builders, contractors, distributors, stud and component fabricators, tool and equipment manufacturers, steel producers, and zinc producers.

Williams was also a key member of the industry’s Post-Katrina hurricane response program, and developed collaborative relationships with other organizations and government agencies ranging from structured partnerships, cooperative agreements, and industry consolidations.

A search for his replacement began immediately. In the interim, a team comprised of AISI senior management and representatives of SFA’s Board of Directors will work with the SFA staff.