Green Builders Inc., developer of sustainable homes in the Austin, Texas-area, is expanding its services to include green remodeling. The new venture will initially cater to existing homeowners in Central Texas who want to reduce home energy demands and utility bills, lessen home maintenance costs and increase the comfort of their home.

The company’s scientific approach to remodeling starts with an in-home energy audit that evaluates the home’s energy usage and performance. The company then analyzes the data to identify a customized energy- and cost-savings action plan that will have the most impact on the home’s energy expenditure and yield the greatest energy savings for the cost. 

“Each day that energy prices and consumption continue to rise, your current home is becoming more expensive to operate and maintain,” said Clark Wilson, president and CEO of Green Builders. “People come out to our communities all the time and ask us what they can do to make their home more energy efficient. We’ve always given them the low-hanging fruit like changing out incandescent bulbs with CFLs and switching to low flow plumbing fixtures. Now we are able to offer them a long term energy savings solution for their existing home that will pay for itself in the short term.”

There are numerous financial incentives and tax credits available to homeowners to help subsidize the costs of an energy-efficiency remodel. In some cases Green Builders can design a retrofit solution that will save more money in monthly utility costs than a pay out on a monthly home improvement loan payment.

Green Builders currently builds sustainable homes and communities throughout the Austin area. To learn more about the company’s new green remodeling initiative, visit