ParexLahabra, the parent company of leading building material brands Parex, LaHabra , El Rey Stucco, Teifs, Mer-Krete and Mer-Ko, announced the launch of a companion ParexLahabra and Pecora Corp. warranty.

The joint warranty will be offered when Pecora 890 sealant is used in conjunction with the following ParexLahabra branded systems: Parex, LaHabra, El Rey Stucco, Teifs and Mer-Ko. The Pecora companion warranty will be set to match the length of ParexLahabra warranty when the products are used together.

“We are excited to offer this value-added service,” said Robert Dickson, technical director for ParexLahabra. “Our customers now have a single-source contact that will process the paperwork for both the ParexLahabra and the Pecora warranty.”

For more information regarding the ParexLahabra and Pecora warranty, contact the ParexLahabra Technical Support Department at (866) 516-0061.