Striker Hand Tools

The Striker Carbide Utility Score features a sharp v-shaped carbide scoring tip designed to scribe deep and wide cuts with minimal force into fiber cement siding, backer board, roofing, linoleum, laminates, plastics, and glass. Though it won’t replace gang cuts of siding with saws, by using the utility score, contractors and installers can safely cut fiber cement indoors and in tight or remote areas, such as on scaffolding, without creating dust. Additional features include a crosscut file located along both sides of the hardened steel blade, allowing the user to smooth out any rough edges, and often eliminating the need to pull out a file or rasp. Serrations along the blades top edge create a notching saw that makes quick work when cleaning out corners around plumbing, junction boxes, and HVAC openings. The tool also features a striking cap at the end of its aluminum handle that acts like a hammer to allow the user to knock out cut pieces and set siding nails to the correct depth. The folding blade and removable pocket clip means the tool fits easily on a belt or in a pocket or pouch.

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