Golden Artist Colors Inc.

The company is adding new textures to its Proceed line of professional decorative painting products. These textures are designed to simplify your work even as you deliver stunning finishes. Three new Cracking products offer reliable, predictable results under a wide range of conditions in a single pass. The Rough Cracking Texture features a rough, stucco-like surface profile and produces a curved “organic” pattern of fissures. Smooth Cracking Texture dries to a silky surface with a more “geometric” pattern. Transparent Cracking Glaze produces a completely transparent, glossy surface with a fine pattern of stress fractures. The Rough and Smooth Cracking Textures are applied by trowel and the cracking pattern becomes more pronounced with thicker applications. Transparent Cracking Glaze is applied by brush or roller to create a clear cracked patina. An optional Cracking Size is available that produces even more dramatic results and can be used in conjunction with any of the cracking textures. All of the new Proceed products can be tinted with Proceed Dispersions or with Slow-Drying Fluid Acrylics and are designed to work within the Proceed system of decorative products.

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