The 121 Optimum Base Coat & Adhesive is a dry bagged product that is a required component of the company’s Optimum EIFS series, however it can be used in all of Parex EIFS. Overall, the product provides the ability to achieve a more efficient application process for a superior EIFS installation. In addition to EIFS, 121 Optimum can be used as a level coat for cement and masonry walls or for mesh embedment in Parex Krak-Shield (crack reduction) assemblies. Parex 121 Optimum was specifically designed with applicators in mind. Applicators in the market were surveyed to better understand what they wanted out of a bagged basecoat and adhesive product. Based on this feedback, the proprietary 121 Optimum formula was developed to be easier for applicators to apply and handle on the wall.

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