Mastclimbers LLC has reduced its insurance premiums by more than 40 percent due to implementation of the American Work Platform Training program. AWPT is a fully owned subsidiary of the International Powered Access Federation.  

According to Bobby Reese and Mike Pitt of Mastclimbers, the AWPT training program that they adopted and implemented throughout the company allowed Hays Companies, a managing general agent insurance broker specializing in programs for high reach dealers, sales and services companies and manufacturers, to provide them with a policy that was more than 40 percent lower than the premiums they had previously paid. Hays Companies is a member of IPAF and offers advantageous rates to IPAF members.

“Properly trained users of access equipment can reduce risk and minimize the probability of accidents, injuries and losses,” said William Holler, senior vice president of Hays Companies. “The confidence we have in the effectiveness of the AWPT training program in reducing accidents allows us to offer a significant discount off the insurance premiums for all companies insured through our special program. To qualify for the discount, companies must require employees who operate or occupy an aerial work platform/mast climbing work platform to successfully complete an AWPT training program.”

Hays Companies’ specialty insurance program is underwritten by a national insurance company with an A+ superior financial strength rating and can offer significant discounts on a comprehensive range of insurance coverage beyond general liability including workman’s comp, property and casualty coverage and umbrella policies.

“Under this program we can offer new clients discounts up to 20 to 25 percent off their existing policies, and if they implement the AWPT training program, we can reduce those premiums an additional 10 to 20 percent,” according to Holler.

The AWPT program meets the demands of both U.S. and Canadian legislation and is based on the recognized IPAF training program adopted by many European companies. Successful completion of the program leads to the issuance of a Powered Access Licensed-registration card from an approved training center. Those companies who employ AWPT-trained operators are not only assured that they are meeting their ANSl-mandated obligations to provide proper training; they also may be eligible to receive valuable discounts on their insurance premiums like those received by Mastclimbers LLC.

Hays Companies currently provide insurance for more than 75 companies in North America. For information on how you can obtain this specialty insurance program and the potential for obtaining a discount on general liability and other insurance premiums, contact Bill Holler at 248-885-3073 ( or Debbie Szyszka at

For details regarding IPAF membership and the AWPT training programs for aerial lift equipment operators in North America, contact Tony Groat of AWPT at 518-280-2486 or

For more information regarding mast climbing work platforms, contact Mike Pitt or Bobby Reese at Mastclimbers LLC, 678-680-6733 or, or visit