40 Years And Strong


Quality every step of the way . . . the reason the pros choose Grabber. For over 40 years, Grabber has offered the highest quality, most innovative solutions in the construction industry. You can count on the same exceptional quality you’ve come to expect from the leader in construction fasteners.

For more information, visit www.grabberman.com.

RPS Mouldings & Millwork And Architectual Products


Go “Green” without having to spend a lot of “Green!” Outwater introduces its recycled polystyrene RPS Mouldings, the cost effective alternative to more costly polymer mouldings and millwork without compromise. Comprising a full, decorative array of cornice mouldings and panel mouldings, Outwater’s RPS Mouldings redefine the standard for architectural moulding and millwork by now offering a new economical decorative and design medium that was, up until now, never previously available.

For more information, visit www.outwater.com.

e2XP Interior Extreme

National Gypsum

The latest addition to the extended exposure product family, e2XP Interior Extreme can be used in a variety of interior applications that have the potential for extreme high-moisture conditions, including pre-rock applications, interior perimeter applications, owner or architect specified interiors and higher humidity areas such as basements, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other non-wet areas.

For more information, visit purplechoice.info.

Weather Resistant Barrier


InSoFast Engineered Insulation is a cost effective interlocking weather resistant barrier that is simple to install. It is preassembled insulation with drainage channels and mechanical attachment strips embedded into the foam. InSoFast works well with all building framing and siding systems and is user friendly at “all skill levels.”

For more information, contact us at www.insofast.com

NO-COAT High Performance Flex

Structus Building Technologies

The industry’s flex of choice for off-angles, ceilings and soffits. ULTRAFLEX 450 and ULTRAFLEX 325 install easily, correct poor framing, and deliver straight, precise off-angles that will not crack. Visit our Web videos to hear how NO-COAT is giving contractors the competitive edge. 

For more information, visit www.no-coat.com.

Quickest EIFS Fastener For Foam To Concrete

Demand Products, INC.

Just drill a hole, and hammer it in. Reduces installation time up to 40 percent.

Large 25⁄16-inch Head. Key holes lock basecoat. Eliminates thermal shorts. Just drill a 5/16-inch hole. For use with foam 1 inch to 4 inch.

For more information, call a company sales representative or visit www.demandproducts.com.

Unload Drywall Without Tethering


Leaning out an opening to reach for sheets of drywall can be a concern to you and OSHA. The easy to install DrywallGATE assists in unloading drywall, without tethering. It incorporates a one-way barrier gate. Drywall glides into an opening providing the worker protection from a misstep when reaching for the next sheet of drywall. 

Visit www.adapausa.com for more information.

Ceilings For Open Plenums

Armstrong Ceilings

Optima Capz acoustical ceiling systems from Armstrong provide excellent sound absorption while maintaining the look and feel of open plenum or exposed structure spaces. The large-size, fine-textured ceiling panels can be installed to a metal deck to maximize ceiling height, onto drywall, or suspended with wires. 

Visit www.armstrong.com/contractorsonly.

Deflection Clip

Flex-Ability Concepts

The Three Legged Dog deflection clip by Flex-Ability Concepts eliminates fumbling or dropped clips. Slide the clip onto the top end of the stud. With the clip attached, raise the stud into the deep-leg track and snap into place. Then, secure the clip using conventional fasteners. The Three Legged Dog allows for 1⁷⁄₈-inch of total deflection.

Visit www.flexabilityconcepts.com.

Automatic Taping Tools, Spray Equipment, Stilts And Sanding Equipment

Al’s Taping Tools & Spray Equipment

Family owned and operated since 1985. 

Please visit www.drywalltools.com for specials on full-sets of taping tools and other drywall products!

Acrylic Siliconized Finish

Total Wall

The only Acrylic Siliconized Finish with Elastomeric Flexible Properties on the market today at your everyday regular price for a standard acrylic. What’s the secret? Superior product chemistry and over 30 years of experience making the best quality coatings available! Total Wall Journeyman Finishes are mold and mildew resistant, flexible, Siliconized and 100 percent acrylic. 
  • Exceptional coverage

  • Excellent workability

  • Easy to spread

  • Easy to float

  • Works great over EIFS basecoats and hard coat stucco
Contact us for a free sample. Visit www.totalwall.com.

Weather Defense Platinum

Lafarge North America Inc.

Lafarge Weather Defense Platinum is a moisture- and mold-resistant exterior wall sheathing designed to be covered by an exterior-finish cladding. It is lightweight, scores, cuts and fastens easily, and provides irritation-resistant handling. It also provides protection in most applications, under normal weather conditions, from exposure to the elements for up to 12 months. For more information, please contact your area sales manager or the Lafarge Customer Value Department.

Visit www.lafarge-na.com for further information.