ProForm Dust-Tech

National Gypsum Co.

National Gypsum’s new ProForm brand Lite Ready Mix Joint Compound with Dust-Tech is a lightweight joint compound that is specially formatted to cause dust to fall straight to the floor, reducing airborne dust by more than 60 percent and improving indoor air quality during remodeling projects and new construction. For more information, visit

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Now you can easily and economically recreate the idyllic look afforded by authentic, aged, hand-hewn oak beams with Outwater’s high-density polyurethane Faux Wood Beams. Not only lightweight and sturdy, Outwater’s Ancient Rustic, Modern, Contemporary and Vintage format Faux Wood Beams are easy to install on virtually any type of surface. Stocked in various lengths, widths and thicknesses, Outwater’s Faux Wood Beams are indistinguishable from the beams after which they have been patterned.

For more information, visit

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Armstrong Ceilings

New Axiom Transitions is pre-engineered to easily connect 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-inch height transitions without stud framing problems. The extruded aluminum trim provides a clean, crisp edge detail without the need for custom fabrication, and is compatible with both Armstrong exposed tee and drywall grid systems. For more information, visit

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Taping Tools and Spray Equipment


Automatic Taping Tools

Spray Equipment


Sanding Equipment

Family owned and operated since 1985. Please visit the Web site for specials on full-sets of taping tools and other drywall products!

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Demand Products Inc.

The company’s new Craftsman Hot Knife with Case comes complete with:

150 Watts of Cutting Power

16-Click Heat Settings Plus Trigger

Electronic Circuit Board Powered

1-foot and 6-inch Groove Adapters Available

Complete with Case, 4- and 6-inch Blades

Cleaning Brush and Hex Wrench

For more information, call a company sales representative or visit

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Structus Building Products

ULTRAFLEX roll products are ideal for off-angle applications (both short and long runs) and can be used for long columns or soffits. Capable of straightening even the most challenging framing, the wide flange is designed to cover large gaps. Built-in flexible hinge fits any inside or outside corner angle and creates crisp, straight lines. For more information, visit

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Deflection Clip

Flex-Ability Concepts

The Three Legged Dog deflection clip by Flex-Ability Concepts eliminates fumbling or dropped clips. Slide the clip onto the top end of the stud. With the clip attached, raise the stud into the deep-leg track and snap into place. Then, secure the clip using conventional fasteners. The Three Legged Dog allows for 1⁷⁄₈-inch of total deflection.

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Commercial Coatings

Quikspray Inc.

Quikspray Inc. is celebrating 50 years of business in the commercial coatings industry. The company manufactures application equipment (The Carrousel Pump line) and mixing equipment (Quikstir Mixers) that are distributed worldwide throughout more than 60 countries. Fireproofing, acoustics, interior and exterior textures, and plaster, stucco, deck coatings, epoxies, waterproofing, artificial rocks and waterfalls, and pool plasters are just some of the many coatings that can be applied with Quikspray pumps and mixers.

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Total Wall

The only Acrylic Siliconized Finish with Elastomeric Flexible Properties on the market today at your everyday regular price for a standard acrylic. What’s the secret? Superior product chemistry and over 30 years of experience making the best quality coatings available! Total Wall Journeyman Finishes are mold and mildew resistant, flexible, Siliconized and 100 percent acrylic. 

•           Exceptional coverage

•           Excellent workability

•           Easy to spread

•           Easy to float

•           Works great over EIFS basecoats and hard coat stucco  

Contact us for a free sample and visit

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Weather Defense Platinum

Lafarge North America Inc.

Lafarge Weather Defense Platinum is a moisture- and mold-resistant exterior wall sheathing designed to be covered by an exterior-finish cladding. It is lightweight, scores, cuts and fastens easily, and provides irritation-resistant handling. It also provides protection in most applications, under normal weather conditions, from exposure to the elements for up to 12 months. For more information, please contact your area sales manager or the Lafarge Customer Value Department. Visit for further information.

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Construction Materials TREE CART


The manufacturer of products for the drywall industry has a product, the Tree Cart, that helps keep a floor uncluttered; a compliance for safety. The Tree Cart makes the moving of multiple long and narrow construction materials a snap-a feature that is useful for a warehouse setting. At a drywall site, it can carry drywall metal, grid metals and many other long items. Reset the “branches” 90 degrees and the Tree Cart can carry sheet-like pieces. Its telescoping assembly feature allows it to accommodate a variety of length materials being handled or stored. Rolling on 5-inch swivel casters, this 65-pound cart is a real mover. Visit for more information and see our complete line of products for the drywall industry. 

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Construction Spanish to English Dictionary, plus Audio CDs

This specialized dictionary contains more than 1,500 of the most important words, phrases and templates used in the wall and ceiling industry. Also included are Audio CDs that contain the pronunciation (both in Spanish and English) of all words in the dictionary. This Spanish/English training package should be in the hands of all your people to actively improve communications on the job site. 

BONUS BUY: Buy 1, Get 1 FREE (offer expires June 30). That’s a savings of $29.95 (enter coupon code: WC2010 at checkout).

Visit to purchase.

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