The Contracting Plastering Associations of Central Valley and Northern California-along with the Capitol Drywall/Lathing Contractors Association and the Northern California Drywall Contractors Association-recently formed and will operate under the name Wall And Ceiling Alliance. The newly formed alliance is a partnership that was created to give its member associations a stronger presence in the plaster and drywall industry in Northern California.

In September, the board of directors from each association came together to elect an executive board for WACA that is representative of the size, work scopes and geography of each of the seven associations merging into the new group. A select group of thirteen directors from the various associations make up the new executive board of WACA. 

The thirteen people elected to the board of directors are: Brian Harp, Chet O'Donnell, Craig Daley, Don Archuleta, Doug Camerer, Gregg Brady, Jim Ruane, Jim Watson, Joe Parker, Nancy Brinkerhoff, Roger E. Henley Jr., Steve Eckstrom and Todd Fearon. The new board of directors comprises the largest group of union drywall and plaster contracting companies in Northern California, serving more than 100 contractor members who are broad-based across the plaster and drywall industry. WACA will serve and represent plastering and drywall contracting members for all of Northern California’s 46 counties.

“The formation of WACA is the culmination of a lot of hard work over many years by industry leaders in the plastering and drywall industry to provide a more cohesive and coordinated Wall And Ceiling Association to address the needs of the industry,” said Todd Fearon, president of Boyett Construction. “We fully expect that WACA will be a larger force in the industry in key areas such as industry promotion, education and labor relations.”

“As a united alliance, we expect to strengthen our presence in supporting our contractors’ concerns in Northern California. The appointed board consists of some of the most respected and experienced individuals in our industry, [each of whom] are committed to insuring WACA’s success,” said Nancy Brinkerhoff, CEO of Ironwood Commercial Builders Inc.

WACA will focus on improving member resources, geographical outreach and labor relations and intends to make its combined resources available to a much larger membership in today’s challenging construction marketplace.