Oneida Air Systems

The Oneida Dust Deputy is made to be placed between your tool and shop vacuum. It collects 99 percent of the waste before it gets to the vac, saving your filter and sustaining your vacuum pressure. Comes with easy to empty, 10-gallon metal drum. Larger containers available.www.dustdeputy.com.

Easy Life Panels

Extrutech Plastics Inc.

Extrutech offers maintenance free, moisture proof, Beaded Panel to be used in remodeling or new construction projects. Use as wainscoting in your kitchen, bath or family room. Looks great as a ceiling in your kitchen, bath or porch. Easy to install and clean. Just wipe off with soap and water. Resists splashes and spills and will not stain, rot, or delaminate. Meets ASTM E-84 Class A for Low Smoke. Fire Resistant. Custom Lengths. 10 year warranty.www.epiplastics.com



Outwater’s “one step” surface-mounted and recessed installation high-density polyurethane Niches will miraculously transform any ordinary, unembellished wall into an elegantly appointed, dramatic focal point. Factory primed, they are ready to be painted, glazed or faux finished the same day as installation. For more information, visitwww.outwater.com

High-performance insulation helps contractors increase profits

Icynene Inc.

Extensively tested for proven performance, Icynene insulation/air barrier system delivers improved comfort, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, sound control, building durability and moisture management.

Icynene Inc. offers exceptional business support in sales, marketing, technical services, engineering, and building science. Find out more atwww.Icynene.com/DealerOpportunities.aspx.

Scaffold mover

Crawler Products, LLC.

The CRAWLER attaches easily and powerfully moves any “Baker Style” or fold-up scaffold, when a cordless drill is inserted. The Crawler is compatible with most popular cordless drill brands. Seven years of development and job site testing has proven the Crawler to be the best, safest and most economical way to move a scaffold....period!www.crawlerproducts.com

Mechanical Box

Apla-Tech, Inc.

Apla-Tech, Inc. introduces its 7”, 10” and 12” mechanical boxes ready to attach to our Continuous Flow System. Cut your box weight and boxing effort by half, and complete the job in about half the time. You can dramatically increase your production the first day. These durable, high quality boxes can go through about 1-gallon per 1 minute.www.apla-tech.com



Install perfect archways in minutes without the hassle of glues, staples and extra coats of mud. ULTRA ARCH completes the NO-COAT Structural Laminate Drywall Corner System with three new profiles:
• 3/8” Bullnose
• 3/4” Bullnose
• Outside 90

Visitwww.no-coat.comfor more information.



Discover a new way to build a brick wall with INVELOPE insulated composite back-up panels. The INVELOPE panel eliminates the need for separate air and vapor barriers, insulation, and water drain plane. Contact Rick Mowrey atrmowrey@centria.comfor more information.

Formations Curves Acoustical Clouds


Formations Accent & Acoustical Clouds from Armstrong are now available in curved shapes, including circular, oval, rounded square and rounded rectangle. The unique system installs up to 30 percent faster than standard cloud systems because all corners are factory-cut, and all grid and perimeter trim is pre-cut to size.

Lafarge Rapid Coat Mid-Weight Joint Compound


Lafarge Rapid Coat Mid-Weight offers the best of both worlds in joint finishing. It effectively combines the easy spreading and quick drying characteristics of a lightweight compound while maintaining the bond and durability of a heavyweight compound. Rapid Coat Mid-Weight offers a high workability, is easy to spread, has low shrinkage and dries quickly.www.lafargenorthamerica.com

Wood Ceiling System


Transform any room into an expression of style with the Evoba Wood Ceiling System. Combining the architectural detailing of custom-crafted millwork with the flexibility and ease of installation of conventional suspension systems, Evoba’s pre-fabricated grid components utilize patented joint technology to form a perfectly milled joint without custom tooling.



Demand Products, Inc

There’s a lot to like about the DuraRasps. Soft-Grip Handles, Lifetime Brazed Tungsten Grit, Rounded Corners, Registered Serial Numbers. Models like The Original, TigerClaw, Archy, Smoothie, Edger and Bullnose Rasp. Rasps for EIFS to AAC to Polyurethane. Free 2007 Catalog! Order today.
Online atwww.demandproducts.com.

Simulate the LOOK of rigid cementitious siding with stucco alone!

Plastic Components

Plastic Components’ new Siding Step Bead has a double ground that functions as a screed between adjoining stucco bands – and striated flanges for improved bonding with stucco.

Great looks. Easy installation.

3/4” x 1/2” step • 2” wide (51 mm) with perforated flange.

PSST.... The Best Warranted System in Textured Coatings


The Palladium Textured Coating System is a thoroughly tested, elastomeric, stucco-like, weather-resistant, latex-acrylics coating formulated for superior adhesion, moisture resistance, color retention and exceptional flexibility. It is a remarkably versatile and durable finish that is maintenance free in any climate. With finish options ranging from sand to knock-down, it complements any architectural style. The Palladium System is fully warranted and insurable, with:
• Trained and Certified Applicators
• Product performance Warranty
• Pre & Post 3rd Party Inspections
• Moisture Intrusion Warranty
• 25 yr Mold Warranty

Sealants & Coatings Technologies, Inc.
106 Industrial Way
Charlestown, IN 47111

Drill it, Drive it and Forget it!

Powers Fasteners

Powers Fasteners’ introduces the new Snake overhead anchor. The Snake anchor combines the holding strength of a traditional Wedge-Bolt anchor with the aesthetic advantages of a flush ceiling mount.

Easily installed with a cordless impact drill or rotary hammer drill, the Snake saves time and effort. It eliminates the need for workmen to swing a heavy hammer overhead while on a ladder or lift.

Powers Fasteners, Inc., is the leading domestic manufacturer of mechanical, adhesive and powder-actuated fastening systems. For more information, write to Powers Fasteners Inc., 2 Powers Square, New Rochelle, NY 10801, or visit Powers’ website atwww.powers.com.

Three new brochures

Master Wall

Demand from Master Wall’s rapidly expanding customer base has caused the introduction of three new brochures: EIFS, Stucco and Specialties. Each brochure is focused on the systems and options explained in clear, easy to understand language. Call us today about your next project.www.masterwall.com


Flex-Ability Concepts

Flex-Ability Concepts, Oklahoma City, has introduced Hammer-Lock, a new feature for Flex-C Trac that significantly reduces installation time and labor. Flex-C Trac provides an easy way for builders to frame high quality. Hammer-Lock allows the shaped flexible track to be held in place by simply hammering down tabs in each link of the track.

Tommy Gun A3 Series

Putzmeister America, Inc.

Often imitated but never duplicated, Putzmeister's Tommy Gun A3 Series is still the top plaster and fireproofing pump in America today. Using only the most reliable components for peak performance, this machine is built to last. From fireproofing, plaster and stucco to injection work, mortar, grout and specialty materials, the Tommy Gun makes success a sure shot.

Commercial Coatings

Quikspray Inc.

Quikspray Inc. is celebrating 50 years of business in the commercial coatings industry. The company manufactures application equipment (The Carrousel Pump line) and mixing equipment (Quikstir Mixers) that are distributed worldwide throughout more than 60 countries. Fireproofing, acoustics, interior and exterior textures, and plaster, stucco, deck coatings, epoxies, waterproofing, artificial rocks and waterfalls, and pool plasters are just some of the many coatings that can be applied with Quikspray pumps and mixers.www.quikspray.com.



Plaster Man

Plaster Man is ready to show you:
• How to do “No sanding” veneer coat plastering
• How plaster repair can be your key to making HUGE profits!
• Personal training in the areas you want to learn more about

Training programs also available on DVD-check the Web site.


Plastone / Plastain

Total Wall

This new brochure details Plastone and Plastain, the latest editions to Total Wall’s Tuscan Elite line of exterior and interior coatings. Pre-mixed and easy to apply, these products make old world plaster, adobe, antique brick, and weathered stucco textures a breeze to create. Visitwww.totalwall.comfor the brochure and sample color swatches.

ZIPWALL 4 Pack Plus


Lightweight and simple, the ZipWall barrier system uses plastic sheeting or canvas to contain messy areas on any job site. Goes up in minutes with no tape, no ladders and no marred ceilings. Our new 4 Pack Plus is a great way to save money on our entire system.

Visit us atwww.zipwall.com.


Olea Specialty Products

Olea Specialty Products introduces the Vivaldi Venetian Plaster system by La Calce Del Brenta to North America. This easy-to-use system features more than 200 colors, a beautiful color catalog and “Stucky” Venetian plaster in three convenient bucket sizes. For more information, visitwww.oleaspecialtyproducts.com.

Channel Bender

The Nathan Kimmel Co.

The perfect tool for on-site contouring of CRC
- Bends 20- and 16-gauge CRC
- Accepts 1/2- to 4-inch-wide channel
- Heavy-duty all-steel construction
- Built-in index for repeatable bends
- Made in the USA
- Easy to use


Radius track

The Radius Track® Track Bender is a portable tool that allows you to easily create accurate curved studs and track runners. Track Bender saves up to $150/hour over other curving methods and forms up to 400 feet of track angle or studs per man-hour.www.radiustrack.com

Decorative ceiling surfaces

M-Boss Inc.

M-Boss Inc. is the premier manufacturer of decorative metal surfaces. Products include: Tin Ceilings, Cornice, Moldings and Medallions. Patterns range from sleek contemporary styles and customized designs such as company logos and special themes to traditional designs replicated from turn-of-the-century originals. With hundreds of patterns and more than 45 finishes, no other company provides designers, architects and builders such variety and design flexibility. Visitwww.mbossinc.com.


Perfect Wall Inc.

Perfect Wall Inc. wall system and buildings have been tested to withstand tornadoes and hurricane-force winds. Testing includes wind loads up to 500 psf without failure and 17,000 psf of shear strength. It is the only light gauge metal panel wall to be approved by the state of Florida (FL 3532 approved for use inside HVHZ). Our homes and buildings are the only light gauge steel framed buildings that save lives in the event of tornado, hurricane or seismic occurrence. In addition, they are flood, fire, mold and bug resistant.


Total Steel Solutions

The Redi Klip is an inexpensive new clip that positively attaches steel studs to track, while allowing for structural movement. It is UL classified for 2 inches of deflection and meets all model building code requirements. Different deflections are handled by varying track depth. Redi Klip is patent pending. For more information, visitwww.totalsteel.biz.

Green stucco

Trim Technologies

Our new green products have been tested for more than 10 years with excellent results. Faster, less expensive than the alternatives and lasts the life of the stucco. Architects, builders and plastering contractors should give us a call so we can help increase your profit margins and eliminate callbacks. E-mail the sales staff Dan Rodlin atdan@trimtechnologies.com, or Peter Gerritsma atpeter@trimtechnologies.com.