PAM Fastening

HB 710 High Temperature Glue Gun is an updated version of its high temperature hot melt glue gun designed for use with polyamides, polyesters and other high temperature adhesives in a variety of industries and applications. Updates include changes that simplify the tool to improve its performance and ease of maintenance. Available in an extrusion model, the applicator can be used in dot or bead applications. A micro-processor controlled and automatic temperature reduction system delivers optimum amounts of adhesive on heat sensitive materials. High temperature insulation and specially designed nozzles allow maintenance of desired temperature throughout the operation. A short response time between the trigger release and hot melt discharge assures quick yet safe application when required without waiting. Key to the tool’s performance is the pneumatic assistance given for applying adhesive. The applicator is ideal for use in a variety of industries including asphalt shingle manufacture, automotive and electrical components.