California Expanded Metal Products Co. announced that three ICC evaluation reports have been updated and published. ICC-ESR 1623 for CEMCO’s metal lath products, ICC-ESR 1765 for Brady Construction Innovation’s ProX Header and ICC-ESR 1042 for Sliptrack System’s SLP-TRK brand slotted track are now available for viewing and download,,, and at ICC

ICC-ESR 1623 encompasses CEMCO’s metal lath products and certifies its applicability to the most recent 2009 IBC and IRC standards, as well as those in the 2006 IBC and IRC. CEMCO offers its metal lath products and accessories to dealers nationwide.

ICC-ESR’s 1042 for SLP-TRK brand slotted track and ESR 1765 for ProX Header have also been updated. Updated in February, ESR 1042 adds CEMCO’s City of Industry, Calif., and Pittsburg, Calif., manufacturing facilities. ESR 1765 for ProX Header was updated on April 1 and is valid for another two years.

As changes to the building codes, industry standards from AISI and ASTM, and other governing code bodies, CEMCO will continue to provide products that are manufactured to meet changing requirements.