The PanelMax FT30 and ST40 are board milling machines that create complex, finish-ready drywall assemblies in mere minutes. The product combines computer processing with precision cutting into one machine. Drywall corners are a common example but the machine can create custom soffits, inset pockets, and other complex structures. Assemblies created require less framing for support. The profiles and structures created using just drywall are strong. For construction companies, that means less time framing, installing and finishing. The product employs laser-guided milling and sawing units which ensure accuracy and make operation simple with minimal training. The unit features a powerful vacuum system to eliminate dust emissions. Both models allow the drywall contractor or supply yard to fabricate drywall assemblies quickly and efficiently with little waste. The FT30 is designed for easy transport and set-up with its folding table and wheels. The ST40 features a longer 140-inch table for larger panel fabrication jobs. Both tables are covered under a one-year, 2,000 hour limited warranty. For more information, visit