Walls & Ceilings Architect’s next Webinar will be held on May 31. This hour-long event, titled “Continuous Insulation and Exterior Stucco/EIFS,” is presented by the WWCCA’s Arizona Manager Albert Carrillo.

This webinar acknowledges changes in exterior plaster and will focus on what the plaster industry has to offer in the way of stucco and stucco-like claddings for designers and contractors.

The three assemblies covered will be:

  • PWA 104 Cement plaster over rigid foam
  • PWA 105 Rigid Foam over Cement plaster
  • PWA 106 A “Z furring” assembly encapsulating rigid foam

-What is available to designers and contractors to meet CI requirements?

-EIFS, One-Coat, Cement Stucco, Which one is best?

Carrillo will cover the unique characteristics of each assembly with a specific focus on generic cement stucco; plus an in-depth review of the three CI cement plaster assemblies offered by the Western Conference of Wall and Ceiling Institutes.

The event is approved by AIA for 1.0 Learning Unit.

 To register, visit http://www.wconline.com/events/695-continuous-insulation-and-exterior-stucco-eifs-.