Walls & Ceilings Architect’s next Webinar will be held on February 28. This hour-long event, titled “Understanding GA-214-10: Recommended Levels of Gypsum Board Finish,” is presented by the Gypsum Association’s Executive Director Michael Gardner. The event will be moderated by the magazine’s Associate Editor Casey Nesterowich.

This Webinar is co-sponsored by National Gypsum and Pabco Gypsum.

Participants will learn how to properly specify gypsum panel products for specific uses, their application methods, and their correct levels of finish. Participants will become familiar with the pertinent sections in the applicable publication that contains this information.

During this webinar you will:

1. Learn the basic materials used in finishing gypsum panel products.

2. Understand basic gypsum panel finishing terms and techniques.

3. Understand the differences between the five levels of panel finish.

4. Learn when to specify each level.

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The event is approved by AIA for 1.0 Learning Unit.

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