Bayer MaterialScience LLC revised its International Code Council Evaluation Service Report (ESR) 2072. An ESR lets architects, specifiers, contractors and most importantly, building inspectors, know that a product meets all required life safety and building codes.  Bayer’s revised ESR 2072 has five significant changes and eliminates the requirement for a separate ignition barrier and thermal barrier. ESR 2072 covers Bayer’s residential spray polyurethane foam insulation, Bayseal Closed-Cell (CC) insulation.

Changes to the reissued ESR 2072 are:

  • The ESR now addresses all four formulations of Bayseal Closed Cell (CC) SPF insulation – Bayseal CC, Bayseal CC Polar, Bayseal CC X, and Bayseal CC XP.
  • Bayseal CC X and Bayseal CC XP may now be used in service-only attics and crawlspaces without the prescriptive ignition barrier or additional fire-retardant coating.
  • DC315 (manufactured by International Fireproof Technology, Inc.) may now be used as a coating over all Bayseal Closed Cell SPF products. DC315 serves as an interior finish without the separate 15-minute thermal barrier.
  • FIRESHELL BMS-TC (manufactured by TPR2 Corporation) may now be used as a coating over all Bayseal Closed Cell SPF products. FIRESHELL BMS-TC serves as an interior finish without the 15-minute thermal barrier.
  • Each of the four formulations of Bayseal CC SPF insulation are now recognized as a water-resistive barrier without additional building wrap.

It is important to note that that Bayseal CC X and Bayseal CC XP now meet requirements of the International Code Council Acceptance Criteria for Spray-applied Foam Plastic Insulation  (AC 377) Appendix X without the code-prescribed ignition barrier or additional fire-retardant coatings.

When required by code, all SPF insulation must be used with the appropriate ignition and/or thermal barrier; the specific combination of SPF and fire-resistive coating is dependent upon the type of construction.

As the technical evaluation services subsidiary to the International Code Council, ICC-ES provides unbiased, third-party building product technical evaluations.

“Even though ESRs are not mandatory for product use, Bayer’s position is that an ESR provides the assurance our customers need to know that they’re in compliance with all applicable codes,” said Jose Luna, technology manager, Bayer MaterialScience LLC Spray Insulation and Roofing Materials. “We’re particularly pleased to get the reissued ESR 2072 into the hands of the builder community; the changes in ESR 2072 will help residential architects and builders to meet prescriptive code requirements with fewer products and lower installation costs.”

Complete technical data sheets for all Bayseal CC SPF insulations are available at