“Smart” ceiling tiles


The company now offers suspended ceiling tiles that are easy to maintain, easy to install and affordable. The Smart Ceiling Tiles won’t stain, won’t crack when moved and won’t harbor dust, mold or mildew. The tiles are available in a variety of designer styles and colors. They are Class A fire rated, ICC recognized and GreenGuard Environmental Institute Certified for Indoor Air Quality and Children & Schools. 


Decorative ceiling system

Artexsys Inc.

The company offers a simple way to make ceilings elaborate. Its artist-designed knockdown texture systems draw inspiration from patterns discovered in nature and history, allowing the contractor to customize the living environment. Artexsys is a system of installing custom artistic ceilings efficiently. The system is installed with a tool for each design:

  • An average taper can be trained to professionally install it in a very short time.
  • It is more affordable than it would appear to be.
  • There are no joints or seams with the product and it will fit in any size or shape of room perfectly.
  • You can stop your work anytime or anywhere, and restart the next day(s) and it will blend in perfectly.
  • You can install this on almost any substrate.


Durable, eco-friendly panels


The Bria ClimaPlus acoustical ceiling panels provide strong sound control, durability and an attractive, sleek style to a variety of environments. With a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of .70 and a ceiling attenuation class of up to 38, these lightly-textured acoustical ceiling panels are ideal in settings such as classrooms, lobby areas, conference rooms, executive offices, retail stores, or transportation terminals. The panels have double the impact resistance of similarly textured ceiling panels as tested per ASTM C367. With a 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew, these panels promise a long life span while also presenting an abuse-resistant surface that can be easily cleaned with a brush or vacuum. With a zero-emitting performance, these panels exceed CA Specification 01350 (CA Dept. of Health Services Standard Practice for the testing of VOC emissions) and are also listed on CHPS database. Providing maximized High Recycled Content, the panels help in maximizing LEED Recycled content contribution.


Wood ceiling portfolio

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Systems

Designed to add the warm, rich look of wood while still imparting a feeling of openness, new WoodWorks Open Cell Vector ceilings are available in three standard designs, two panel sizes, and four natural solid wood finishes. The Vector edge produces a sleek 1/4-inch reveal that minimizes the suspension system, creating a ceiling that is more monolithic in appearance, yet still downward accessible. By mixing and matching different sizes and designs, WoodWorks Open Cell Vector panels can be patterned in a variety of ways to create the look of a custom, one-of-a-kind ceiling using standard panels. The open cell design also allows the use of pendant lights and other hanging fixtures without the need to cut the panels.  Infill panels are available to add acoustics to a space or to cover plenum obstructions. The new addition is well-suited for use in applications ranging from retail, hospitality, and healthcare to higher education and commercial office environments.


Linear metal ceiling system

Chicago Metallic Corp.

Creating durable exterior soffits with clean continuous linear lines, the company offers Planar, PlanarPlus, PlanarMacro and MacroPlus linear metal ceiling systems. These ceiling systems’ strong aluminum panels are available in a variety of styles, thicknesses and finishes to present a unified appearance in both interior and exterior applications. Not only are linear metal ceiling systems engineered to resist wind, they also accommodate lighting, air diffusers and audio accessories. Noise Reduction Coefficients up to 0.95 can be achieved with acoustical backing material and perforations. Made of non-combustible material, these systems have a Class A fire rating. With respect to green building criteria, the metal in Chicago Metallic’s ceiling systems contains no VOCs or any substance that would support the growth of mold. Further enhancing the environmental attributes, the systems and suspensions typically contain 100 percent post-consumer recycled content and are 100 percent locally recyclable.