Lightweight Wood-Look Panels


The company’s thermoformed panels provide the luxurious look of wood ceilings without the weight. St. Mary the Virgin Church in Arlington, Texas, used them to add visual warmth to their building’s starkly modernist interior, selecting the classic Stratford style with a faux Carmel Wood finish. The panels weigh just 0.20 pound per square foot, so they could be used with the existing suspended ceiling grids. Ceilume panels are easy to install, acoustical, and durable. Impervious to water, the panels are washable, highly stain resistant, and will not sag nor support mold. Ceilume offers 50 styles, 16 finishes, and endless possibilities. For more information, visit

Acoustic Stone Wool Panels

Rockfon North America

Rockfon North America, part of the ROCKWOOL Group, offers Rockfon Education Standard, Plus and Premium acoustic stone wool ceiling panels. Ideal for schools, colleges, universities and other learning facilities, these ceiling panels deliver value with appealing aesthetics in a variety of edge designs; lightweight, easy installation; and proven acoustic performance combined into a cost-effective solution. The company’s Education ceiling panels provide a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.90 for Premium, an NRC of 0.80 for Plus and an NRC of 0.70 for Standard. These products are fully supported with HPDs, Declare Label 2.0 Red List Approved documentation and a 30-year warranty. For more information, visit


Decorative Acoustic Solutions

MDC Interior Solutions

Architectural Clouds is the latest addition to the company’s growing line of high-performance, decorative acoustic solutions. Transform traditionally loud, open spaces—think airports, convention centers, offices, lobbies, restaurants, museums, and more—into peaceful, productive environments. Covered in stretch fabric that is offered in eight colorways, the products are graceful structures that blend in as much as they stand out. The standard colorways range from a bright spring green to more demure earthy tones like dusty rose and an industrial-inspired slate. Available in six standard silhouettes that evoke cumulus, cirrus and stratus clouds, Architectural Clouds can take almost any shape. The products are manufactured with the most advanced 3-D freeform tube-bending technology in North America—technology that allows the aluminum tubing to be shaped with a variable radius to fabricate completely custom, precise shapes. Likewise, MDC’s digital capabilities offer designers the option to digitally print a graphic or customize their Architectural Clouds’ colors. The 12-foot clouds have a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.45. For more information, visit

Solo Baffles

CertainTeed Ceilings

In order to provide architects and designers with more design freedom and flexibility, two shapes have been added to its existing line of Ecophon Solo rectangular baffles: Wave and Zig Zag. The undulating waves and cutting-edge zig zag patterns provide a unique and dynamic visual for contemporary spaces. Featuring sound absorption properties, Wave and Zig Zag are prime examples of how designers can create custom visuals through the creative arrangement of standard product sizes and shapes. Ecophon Solo Baffles are available in 16 trending colors and feature lightweight yet resilient construction. New accessories also allow for vertical installation onto walls, enhancing design flexibility. For more information, visit

Mesh Ceiling Panels

Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions

With the addition of larger panel sizes to its family of MetalWorks™ Mesh ceiling panels, the company is offering more options for bringing striking, industrial visuals to interior spaces. New, large format lay-in ceiling panels are now available as standard for select items in Expanded Metal, Woven Wire, and Welded Wire MetalWorks Mesh patterns in a variety of colors. This expanded offering includes 32 patterns and a variety of standard colors. Custom patterns and colors are also available. Select 24-inch-by-24-inch panels are part of the FAST134 Program, meaning the panels ship to the job site in four weeks or less. Acoustical infill panel options provide high sound absorption and help conceal elements in the plenum. The panels lay in a standard 15/16-inch suspension system with borders or finished edges, making installation simple. A factory-engineered border around panel edges allows safe, fast installation in the grid system. For more information about MetalWorks Mesh ceiling panels, visit

Snap-in Ceiling System

USG Corp.

Celebration Snap-In Metal Ceiling System provides a clean, monolithic appearance while combining it with the corrosion resistance of aluminum. The Celebration snaps into standard USG Donn Brand Fineline Ceiling suspension systems, is excellent for exterior soffits, and its air diffuser offers one of the finest visual delivery systems in the industry. The product is wind-load tested up to 200 mph, and it’s been recognized with a Notice of Acceptance from Miami-Dade County in Florida for being a distinguished exterior ceiling system that meets the most stringent standards for the protection of buildings and the people in them. For more information, visit