Sustainable Insulation is proven fiber glass technology that is economical, easy to install and offers comfort and excellent thermal, acoustical and indoor air quality properties. The product is made from recycled and renewable content including a plant-based binder and contains no formaldehydes, dyes, acrylics or unnecessary fire retardant chemicals. In addition to sand, the product’s fibers consist of a 50 percent renewable content and a recycled glass content of 35 percent in the U.S. and 70 percent in Canada. A closed-loop water system helps maximize water usage at the plants, and rigorous monitoring and management of energy usage has reduced the amount of energy needed to manufacture the products. The highly compressed packaging of the insulation allows the company to move more products from strategically located distribution centers, minimizing transportation needs. It is highly water-resistant and won't settle or lose its R-value over time. Sustainable Insulation is available in batt and roll form, unfaced or kraft-faced, and is designed for use in standard wood stud and steel-frame wall assemblies.