Blending visual sophistication and design simplicity, SpanAir Torsion Spring Panels are engineered and tested for use in all six seismic design categories (SDCs A-F), as outlined in the IBC. The panels integrate seamlessly with factory-slotted suspension grid for efficient and quick installation. Modern, clean lines combine with versatile finish options, high-performance durability and easy point-to-point access in one cost-effective, code-compliant package. Developed for expansive, interior ceiling systems, ideal applications include lobbies, assembly halls, reception areas and corridors. Creating spanning, monolithic ceilings, the panels integrate into and conceal the suspension grid, while easily incorporating air, fire, audio and other services. Made of non-combustible material, they have a Class A flame spread rating. Noise Reduction Coefficient up to 0.90 can be achieved with acoustical backing materials and a variety of perforation patterns. A wide range of finishes and a full spectrum of colors are available to match nearly any design palette from classic to contemporary styles. The panels are constructed of recycled aluminum in a range of standard sizes. Once installed, the plenum may be accessed without disassembling or removing the entire panel. For property managers and maintenance teams, this can mean can fewer trips up and down a ladder and less material handling in the process.